About Us

The Future of Quotes Gate

Quotes Gate is a positive news and inspiration startup. Our goal is to bring positivity and inspiration to the world in a time in which negativity dominates the headlines and it would appear that nothing positive is going on in the world. In addition to being a positive news agency, we are also a community of positive creators. We invite others to join our community to share their good news, stories, and uplifting messages with the world. We are looking forward to bringing positivity to your day.

Message From Founders

Quotes Gate was born from my love for deep quotes, it all started with a simple Facebook page.  Aware of how important quotes can be, and how much they can help on a day-to-day basis with struggles and obstacles, I never imagined it would grow so large, and be so appreciated.  I realized I should create a special website with quotes where I could better develop the concept, and people could find the wisdom they needed.

We started small, but soon we realized that we could do better and we could help people in so many other ways. The final product became a symbiosis between a website for quotes and a magazine, approaching numerous themes and subjects, from self-development, happiness, forgiveness, and motivation. It was clear that just a little wisdom could help a great deal, but extended discussions tackling the same topics would change people’s lives in ways we couldn’t achieve in just a few lines. Quotes Gate allowed me to turn my dream into reality, by helping other people achieve, or continue with their dreams, and this is a great feeling to have.

The Team