9 Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People

Many people often say the meanest things without the intention of hurting you, they just don’t think twice before they say something and often end up regretting what they’ve said.

But there are also some people who are just plain rude and there’s really nothing you can do about it. The second you see them you just know they’re going to say something that’s going to upset you and you wish you had a smart answer to give to their mean comment.

How can you not get upset when someone asks you “hey, why do you look so bulky, have you gained weight?” or “still haven’t found a job?” or worse even “what happened with your last boyfriend, I thought you were going to last more?”.

When someone asks you something like that you just can’t find the right answer and end up being upset and annoyed. Well, we’re here to teach you how to deal with these rude people without being rude yourself. We’ll tell you how to tell them off and embarrass them so much that they’ll think twice about saying anything similar ever again.

Just make sure you don’t lose your temper and don’t let yourself get beaten down on their account. Take the high road and answer them politely, with a positive attitude and a smart comeback that’ll show them their rude comments don’t get to you.

Here are 9 comebacks that will help you next time you have to deal with a rude person:

  1. Just say ‘Thank you’

This is the simplest answer and the best one when it comes to dealing with rude people. It will show them that you’re not affected by their rudeness and that you’re simply a bigger person than them. You’re showing them that you’re not angry or upset, you’ve acknowledged their comment and risen above it by saying ‘thank you’.

It may sound awkward to say thank you when someone is being rude to you, but trust us that it will work. They will not be mean to you again once they realize their comments are not affecting you. You’ll embarrass them and shut them up for good. You may even affect them and encourage them to try and be more positive in the future, who knows, they may even thank you too in the end.

  1. I appreciate your point of view

This is another excellent comeback to a rude comment and it shows the other person that you’ve decided to take the high road and not stoop to their level. You’re showing them that you’re an adult person who simply doesn’t want to deal with narrow-minded people. The truth is that when someone tries to insult you by saying something rude, they probably have their insecurities which encourage them to act in that manner.

This is a very dignified answer and by saying it, you’ll show them you only wish to continue this conversation in that direction. When you show that other person that you don’t plan on responding in a similar fashion you will force them to reevaluate their own actions and maybe even change their behavior. One thing is for sure, you’ll never hear a rude comment from them again.

  1. I am done talking to you

This one is for the times when you’re simply too angry or upset to respond any other way. When someone’s comment really hits a nerve just end the conversation and walk away.

You don’t want to get into an argument and say something you’ll regret later. You want to remain civil, so just say you’re done talking and that you’re ending the conversation. Again, you’ll be the one who takes the high road and you’ll show them you’re the bigger person.

  1. Do you think this was really necessary and how do you want me to answer to that?

If someone’s rude comment comes in front of a bunch of people this is the fastest way to put them in check. Their rude comment was probably supposed to upset you or cause you to react volatile, but instead you’ll answer them calmly and rationally, completely throwing them off-guard. They may even take this chance to apologize and admit they’re acting rude.

This is the best comment for group settings because you want to show others that you simply won’t tolerate rudeness from anyone and let them know they’ll be completely humiliated if they try something similar themselves. I guarantee that this comeback will put a sock in their mouth and they’ll think twice about doing anything like that again.

  1. That almost made me cry

If you have a flare for the sarcastic, this is just the perfect comeback for you. It’s a bit snarky but yet it shows you’re not letting yourself get upset over their stupid comments.

It’s a mature way of dealing with rude people and will probably discourage them from saying anything similar again.

  1. Yes, you’re absolutely right

You may have a problem saying this, but sometimes when someone wants to pick a fight with you it’s best to nod and pretend like they’re right to avoid it. By saying that they’re right you’ll probably end the conversation and it’ll be the last you’ll hear about it.

Although it may not give you the satisfaction of humiliating the other person, sometimes it’s best to look the other way and simply rise above the situation. Deep down you’ll be proud of yourself and the way you handled the situation.

  1. Again with the negativity? Don’t you have something positive to say? 

This is an excellent tactic when you want to shift the attention from you to them and making their comments about them instead of you. Saying this will definitely make them think twice about what they’ve said and about their actions. They will reevaluate themselves and how they behave to others and may even thank you later on.

This is the perfect comeback for people who repeatedly say rude and mean things to you and you simply want to speak your mind and call them out for it. You should let them know their behavior is toxic and that they need to change it if they want to keep the people around them.

  1. I choose to love myself and you too

This comeback is for a limited audience only, you could say it to your partner, friends or family as it would be too weird to say it to someone you barely know.

It’s a good comeback nonetheless, as it will shut the rude person right away and bring a positive note to the conversation. Positivity always defeats negativity and you should be the positive one when dealing with someone negative.

If you say this to someone you’ll be surprised by the effect it will have on that other person. Spread a little love and you shall get some in return as well.

  1. Just laugh!

If you laugh at someone’s rude comment, I guarantee that they’ll be embarrassed for saying anything to you at all. They will expect a rude comment back, but a loud, sincere laugh is something they will not see coming. You’ll embarrass them so much that they will never, ever say anything rude or offensive to you again.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com