7 Reasons Why Strong Women Are Emotionally Exhausted

7 Reasons Why Strong Women Are Emotionally Exhausted

Strong women may not seek financial support, but they do need an emotional one. Unfortunately, they rarely get it. Their fierce appearance makes people believe they can handle everything on their own.

And, it’s true – they are excellent caregivers and perform their responsibilities extremely well. They can have multiple problems, but they somehow succeed to handle all of them at once.

But, this doesn’t mean that strong women can’t be stressed out and tired of dealing everything on their own.

The truth is, they are emotionally exhausted, and that makes them feel drained out and hopeless. This can affect their social and professional life, and prevent them from living the life they desire.

It’s true that they are incredible at what they do, but strong women can feel emotionally exhausted because of several reasons. Here are a few of them:

1. They Don’t Seek Emotional Security, But, They Do Need It Sometimes

Strong women have been masters of their feelings and fears for a long time. They managed to move on from all betrayals and things that hurt them, unlike other people.

That’s why they are now afraid to seek emotional security from someone – they are afraid of another betrayal.

2. They Keep Giving without Asking Anything in Return

When it comes to caregivers, strong women are often the most resourceful. They care for their family and friends. In fact, they put everyone else before themselves which takes a huge toll on their emotional wellbeing.

Although their strength is still there, this can make them emotionally exhausted in the long run.

3. They Keep the Pain Inside

Strong women do everything they can to prevent negativity or toxic criticism get to them. But, their loved ones can sometimes hurt them, intentionally or unintentionally. And, their strength can’t protect them from getting their emotions affected.

They are hurt, but they carry on with grace and strength. Not sharing the pain and dealing it on their own makes them emotionally exhausted.

4. They Aren’t Given Care, Even When They Need It

Strong women care about everyone, no matter how busy they are. But, they don’t let others know that they also need someone to take care of them. This absence in their life can lead to burnout and emotional fatigue.

5. They Don’t Ask for People’s Love

Strong women understand that everyone has their own priorities. Since they are the strong ones, they can handle to be the lover, the caregiver, and fighter for others. Unfortunately, many people can feed off their love without loving them back.

And, since strong women don’t ask for it, they become distressed and emotionally exhausted.

6. They Are Careful About Sharing Their Problems with Others

Strong women listen to other people’s complaints and problems and always try to help them. But, when it comes to their own issues, they avoid sharing them with others as they don’t want to cause burden and feeling of pity in others. As a consequence, they get emotionally exhausted.

7. They Offer for Help But Doesn’t Seek One When Needed

Strong women are one of the most independent people you’ll ever meet. They want to handle everything on their own because they believe in their abilities and because they don’t want to bother others with their own problems.

On the other hand, they are always here to offer help to everyone in need. They feel strong enough to reduce the burden of others, but this can take a toll on their emotional health in the long run.

If you are a strong woman, be proud of yourself, but please allow people in your life to help you, love you, and take care of you. You deserve all this and more.