5 Life-Changing Advices To Keep You Inspired

Feeling less than motivated? It’s okay. Sometimes even the most positive and motivated person needs a little extra guidance to keep track. If you’re struggling or when the going gets tough, here are some advice to keep you inspired.

1. There’s a purpose in every pain.

You are maybe struggling with your career, marriage or health that hinders you from moving forward. In this kind of situation, we tend to question why negative things are piling up in our lives. It may not look as great on the surface but always remember a painful time can be a sign of there’s something better coming on your way. Maybe the piece you have in your current puzzle doesn’t fit in, doesn’t mean it won’t be at all. Maybe it’s a greater piece in your next chapter; you just need to move forward and have courage. Grow through the painful time, not just go through it. Never allow pain to keep you stuck from your situation. Don’t just sit around feeling sorry for yourself, go out there and help somebody else to lift them up. Use your storm to brighten up someone’s life. Convert it into a light. You have something to share with others. Encourage people who were going through where you’ve been through. Never waste your pain. Bring out the blessing in every painful situation.

2. God won’t give something we cannot handle.

Never be frustrated if He doesn’t give something you are praying for to you yet. Whether it’s about promotion, healing or even a breakthrough. Sometimes, in order to protect you, He is taking delays to work in your life. He loves you so much to give something too soon. He won’t give something that will ruin you. God didn’t forget about you; you are on the right schedule. You are in a waiting period, keep doing the right thing while you are waiting. Be patient. Do not let frustration stop you from your destiny. Go through adversities with patience and faith. When it’s taking longer than you thought, don’t be deterred. Remember, God is working on something bigger and better for you. Just do your part, keep a positive heart and pass the waiting test.

3. Obey without hesitation.

If God pulls you back from a situation that you’ve worked hard or takes something important away in life, don’t be negative or get bitter. Sometimes, it’s too complicated to know what He’s doing in our lives. Stop thinking too much, just follow His orders. He wants you to step out in obedience, even if you don’t understand the reason. Obey even if wrong things keep happening in your life. It takes a lot of faith to stay faithful especially when you’re under spiritual attack. Obey wholeheartedly and look to Him for guidance because He will always lead you in the path of righteousness. Stay committed because God recognizes your faithfulness. He didn’t bring you this far just to leave you. Always remember that. He wants you to stay faithful and trust Him with all your heart in any trials of life.

4. You are alive.

You’re not just breathing for a cost of nothing. You have a purpose. Most people waste so much time on trying to find their purpose in life. They are looking for it in all the wrong places when it’s always been inside of us. Your purpose is just sleeping within you. You need to wake it up through clearing and quieting up your mind. Remember, it whispers when your mind screams. So learn how to be still and listen to what you feel you’re compelled to do and in what direction you feel you are drawn. Learn how to use your internal compass, it will guide you on your journey. Anchor and surrender yourself in the present moment. Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be found. You just have to be open to it.

5. Wake up, don’t sleep with your dreams.

Your life will always depend on the decisions you will make. Everything is under your control. You are the writer of your story. Who you are right now and where you are in your life is a result of your decision in the past. If you want to become successful, you have to take over the steering wheel. Start choosing today to stand up and walk on the path that will lead you to your goals. Stop making excuses. You have every resource you need to succeed. No one will push you harder than you can do to yourself. So work hard, believe and make it happen. Execute the thoughts that keep you awake at night and the results will amaze you. Start with deciding on something great today that your future self will thank you for.


E.J. Cenita is a writer from the Philippines. He is the founder of the writing family, The Procast.

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