10 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Most Important Person In Your Life

Having a sister is a real blessing. The ones who have a big sister will agree that they protect them the most, criticize them the most, but at the same time they’re the best friends they could ever imagine. We often argue with our big sister. They can make us cry easily, make us crossed instantly, but the love they have for us is unconditional and will never stop. You’re blood related and nothing is going to change that, for sure.

Today, we’re presenting you 10 of the best things you should know why you should consider your big sister as extremely important.

No Best Friend Is Better Than Her

Everything you went through in your life was seen with her eyes. She was there when you started to walk, when you developed as a teen, during every hard breakup and everything that came afterwards. She helped you overcome numerous hard times with her great advice.

The Same Wardrobe Is A Great Advantage

No matter what she buys, you always try it on and she lets you wear it. That means more clothes for you! Borrowing clothes from her can be sometimes hard, but you’re sisters after all! She won’t stay mad for long!

Handling Mom And Dad Is What She Does Best

You may have numerous problems with your parents and it may seem impossible to overcome them, but remember that she’s passed them before you. She can help you with some tips and tricks about anything!

No Boundaries

You can discuss different themes with your sister in different situations. You walk into her room without asking, you talk about everything while you’re both in the toilet or you just sit throughout the whole day in your pajamas! Nothing can beat that!

Any Fashion Decision, Music Or Movie Taste Is Something She’ll Know How To Present To You

If you tried to listen to some music of a lower quality, she was there to correct you. She also has a list of films that she can suggest to you.

Fashion is something that she will always point out to you, no matter if it looks very bad. Your big sister is there to correct anything and show you the right path!

Telling The Truth Is Something She Does Often

Sometimes, having a best friend can be really tricky when it comes to telling the truth. A friend will sometimes hesitate to tell you the truth because they don’t like arguing with you. A big sister will never do this! She will tell you the truth immediately, even though it may sound harsh. That brings us back to reality very fast!

No Matter What, She Will Be There For You With Open Hands

You may think that you end up crying with her for whatever the problem is, but don’t worry. It’s your big sister. She will be there for you and she will try to help you, no matter what’s in question.

Every Value Of Yours Is Recognized By Her

There will be times when you’ll have doubts about doing certain things, but that’s when your big sister comes! She will tell you how precious and valuable you are because she knows you’re worth it. She knows that you’re a strong person that knows how to gain the best. Listen to her and go for it!

Talking To Your Big Sister Is Like A Therapy That You Don’t Have To pay For 

It sometimes seems like she has a magic wand and no matter the problem, she will make it disappear just like that – puff! So, why would you waste money going to a psychiatrist when you have a big sister? She will always find the proper words that will calm you down!

Day Or Night, You Can Always Find Her And She Will Help You

No matter if you have the most difficult problem, your sister will never turn her back on you. She will always try to help.

Having a big sister is a true blessing, as we have mentioned it previously. Make sure you always have them close to your heart and tell them they mean the world to you, because they are indeed the best friend of all!

Source: curiousmindmagazine.com